Issue with RSA/RAD in XP

I was given licenses of both RSA and RAD version from my customer. well, if the version numbers sound prehistoric, so be it. I cant help it. Neither could anybody help me when i ran into multiple issues one after another with these. I will discuss one issue here because i did not find a single reference on internet about this.

When i install RSA/RAD on Win XP, i have the option to choose the installation of integrated websphere runtime environment. This helps in local development by providing hot deployment, local test server and other debugging features. At the end of installation i get a message that my RSA/RAD installation was successful but installation of integrated test environment failed, of course without any meaningful error message (not that i expected one). A bit of googling did provide a couple of references all asking me to apply patches and upgrade the version to Apparently it was a known limitation of XP and hence an upgrade was required, as per a link provided by IBM. I followed this link to download the patch and for installation instructions.

The patch download size is 3.2 GB only. [Can you believe it? A patch size in GBs for a mere java IDE?]. Anyways, i had no option but to download. So i did. But even the patch installation failed. I didnt get any favorable google hits this time and all roads seemed blocked. Only option was to contact support and wait. I raised a discussion about this with one of my friend and an idea occurred to us. I had the RSA/RAD installable copied into a network share drive so that everyone could install it easily[it is an enterprise lic, so no isses with that :)]. I was trying to install directly from there. Instead, i mapped the network share as a local drive and tried installing from there. Surprisingly it worked and installation was successful. 🙂

No idea why, but it worked. Now i am busy with other gifts of this tool. 🙂


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