Who provides good Petrol?

For a couple of months now i have been collecting data about all the gasoline / petrol vendors in Bangalore, so that i could make an informed decision on whom to choose next time my car needs fuel. The results i found were surprising.

The below data is about the mileage i got from each vendor on purchase of INR 1000/- worth of normal unleaded petrol. Going by the current petrol prices you get around 19.5x to 19.8x liters in that amount. Just see the variance even when its recorded on the same car, during the same period, by the same driver (and driving style), on almost the same route and under same tyre pressure.

Petrol Vendor

Mileage (km)

BP 230
HP 210
Indian Oil 265
IBP not recorded
Shell 270

I am yet to collect data about a couple of them mentioned above. Will update the post later. Hope this will be useful to others.



  1. Hi,

    I really happy to read this. its really helpful to me. recently i bought new bike pulsar i confused that which petrol is good for my bike.finally i selected two shell and indian oil.

    after reading this i have decided to go for shell. thank you very much for valuable information.

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