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Sorry but this post makes sense only for Bangaloreans.

I was just passing by a dull street in some corner of Indiranagar today hunting for some place to dine-in. I am always in look out for new places and yes i am prepared to face consequences since many places do not offer food of great quality let alone other aspects of dinning. So i spotted this amidst of trees and residential houses and decided to try out. Below is my experience.

The very reason for visiting a restaurant. 🙂 Well actually the title says it all, though in a tech savvy way. The food quality is at par (or even better) with a five star restaurant, cooked to perfection. I enjoyed every bite of it.

Its a south indian restaurant. The menu has dedicated pages for specialties from four south-indian states – Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, Kerala and Tamilnadu. Each item is color coded to distinguish itself as a starter or main course plotted against a running highway. Add to it the deserts page and a couple of free recipes.

The view from outside itself was good but when i walked in, it was just WOW. Mostly wooden furnishing with designer chair/tables, sleek sofas, appropriate lighting, wooden floors, artificial water body etc. You can have candle-light dinner too. 🙂 To complement it all, they use ultra modern designer cutlery.

Impressive presentation, corporate outfit, soft spoken and supportive. They take orders on a plamtop which is connected to a centralized computer over a wireless network. The order is started processing the moment it is scribbled on screen. I wish they had a button on each table which i could use to call them when i needed them – don’t disturb me unless i ask you to. 😉

Ahh. You would have already started worrying about it i guess. Not to worry – its not that costly compared to Bangalore standards. Almost all items in menu are less than 100 rupees. You can expect a bill of 150-500 for a couple.

The have a terrace party hall. The whole place is a two floor house converted to restaurant. The seating is organized to accommodate various group sizes. You can opt for family cabin, terrace garden or a small hut also. It can be handy to organize small corporate meetings or parties too.

Valet parking or park on the road.

While coming from Domalur on 100 feet road, Indiranagar towards Old Madras road side cross over the signal at CMH Road junction. You see Domino’s Pizza if you go straight a little. Its on your right hand side if you go little further. Locate it on Google maps here.

Who’s Who:
The man behind it is an ex Leela palace chief chef. I forgot his name, will post it next time i visit them. He has a couple of books in his name.



  1. Lousy expensive place. Pay around 15% more and you can have a full fledged breakfast (real buffett) in a 5 star hotel.

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