SUN Technology summit 07 – Bangalore

It started with a keynote address by Scott McNealy. Few points that he brought out were,

> Moore’s Law is not good enough. We are progressing even faster.

> Focus on social networking and community building. He is seeing huge opportunity there. Mentioned about Curriki, the one of its kind online curriculum and other related stuff, free and open source.

> Showcases UltraSparc T2, slated to be released in few months time. Requested developers to write multi threaded applications to make real use of the processing power offered by these advanced chips.

> Requests greater participation by Indian IT professionals in java communities. According to him, 25% of the members of SUN developer network are Indian, so at least 25% of the source code contribution should be from them.

> Showcases grid computing platform First 100 hrs CPU time free, 1 USD for each subsequent hour. Suggests moving of data centers to its super computer grid.

> Talked about JavaFX accepting competition from Apollo while failing to remember the M$ offering in this area (Silverlite). Tried to justify “yet another scripting language” in JavaFX from SUN. Says, 90% of cellphones already run java. JavaFX mobile technologies to leverage on it while providing a fully integrated java stack in cellphones.

> All the while he did stress on the point that almost all offerings from SUN is now FREE and Open Source. He didn’t forget to name Java SE, Netbeans, GlassFish, OpenSolaris and others as OSS products at every opportunity.

> Speaks about Derby and PostgreSQL.

Overall his speech was more of SUN marketing and Microsoft bashing with occasional statistics. I was expecting few lines on future plans on technologies but i was disappointed.


There were a good numbers of sessions squeezed in a short time span of 4 hours. Topics were in expected lines, like Java EE 5, GlassFish, OpenSolaris, Java DB, Dtrace, AJAX and Web 2.0 (not sure how much SUN contributes in this area) and Netbeans etc. Except for a couple of sessions all others were a mere slide rush-thru. The sessions were more of a platform to throw jargons than to discuss anything serious about the subjects. Surprisingly there was no session on JavaFX neither a single mention of Groovy anywhere. 😦


None worth taking note except for the session on Dtrace. 😦 Most of them were IT kids, may be with just couple of years of experience in industry. They obviously lacked presentation skills, thus killing the interest in the subject. The most disappointing of all was the session from “Suresh Narayanan” on AJAX and Web 2.0. He was clearly not knowledgable enough on the topics to present them in front of such a huge crowd. Many of the things that he spoke outside-of-slides were wrong. At one point i got so annoyed that i had to correct him by saying that “building AJAX applications in GWT involves coding using GWT APIs and not using Swing APIs”.


I hope SUN does some due diligence in future while choosing speakers for conferences. The crowd in conferences in India are no more IT kids. Its a mix of experience and youth. The telecom and IT boom in India has resulted in increased skill level of average IT mass. So you can not just get away with some random blabbering any more.

I would not say it was complete waste because i missed two good sessions (mistake in choosing tracks). There were a couple of new jargons i picked up which i am going to look into further and the speech from Scott was good barring the marketing stuff. Oh, one more thing – the venue and the food were absolutely wonderful!!! 🙂



  1. Looks like a repeat telecast of “Sun Tech Days – Hyderabad” (with some changed faces).

    There’s one thing I realized during the conf that these conferences are mostly targeted towards the *naive junta* from colleges with a motive to attract them towards Java and related technologies as early as possible. Obviously the winning-by-building-community strategy is in play. (Not to mention the role of free stuff 🙂 )
    And quite honestly, I am NOT REALLY complaining.. (okay a little).

    I am also reminded of a funny incident during STD-Hyd. I didn’t feel like attending the Oracle Keynote session on Day2 and was roaming around to find a place to work on my lappy. This lady (one of the organizers) comes up and says, “Excuse me. I suppose your session is going on…”.
    WTH! :-/

    I just hope that they come up with some OBVIOUS improvements with the consecutive confs. [or may be organize an altogether separate conf/summit for developers] 🙂

  2. Let me ask you one thing – by the look of it, SUN is not doing a good job in terms of revenues or market share. From your experience in these sessions, is there a novel technology/strategy that SUN is planning to introduce which will result in a turnaround of their fortunes?

    What will stop say a IBM to buy out SUN?

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