DataOne or CheaterOne?

Over the last week i have been suffering for having a broadband relationship with DataOne BSNL. It has gone to such an extent that i feel i should no more keep quiet and let everybody know about them. So here it goes.

Last week all of a sudden the ADSL LED in my modem stopped glowing, preventing me from getting connected to internet. After my round of checkup i concluded that the problem has to be with the exchance, not in my laptop or modem or phone line. However i waited for two days given the fact that i keep getting one/two days disconnection due to exchange problems every now n then.

Even after two days when there was no repair i thought of filing a complaint. But where is the call center number? Do they have separate call center to address broadband queries? After searching thru the directory and all the documentation i got with the installation pack i didnt get any number, so i decided to call their 1500 number. The personnel happily filed the complaint and suggested for a 24 hrs turn-around time. They also gave me a number which is specifically for handling broadband queries. 😮 Why they dont put it in their directory?

After one day i still had the same problem. So i called up the broadband call center and gave the reference number of my complaint at 1500 number. They said the complaint given at 1500 is not considered for broadband query and hence a new complaint has to be filed. 😦 Ok. please take it. As usual i was told for a 24 hr turn around and a reference number given.

After 2 days i called up again and quoted the reference number. The call center executive said he is forwarding the query again to the technical team and asked me to wait till it is resolved. huh. How long it will go on? Do you want me to keep guessing? How do i know if it is resolved? We cannt help much. The technical team has to solve this issue. And then he bangs the phone on my face when i asked his name. Can you believe this? This is the level of service you get from them.

They do not have any provsion for filing complains in their website(if at all you gather enough courage to tolerate their website, a baby can create a better website i guess!). The call center number takes at least 20 mins to reach the executive. I have no clue now what to do? I will have to miss my office to go to their office and follow it up, which is not viable for me. The call center people bang phone on my face. How will it get resolved?

Internet is such an essential commodity in our daily life now a days. I feel out-of-place without it. I guess there is a need to put more thoughts into this industry and at least come out with some definitive SLAs to benefit the consumer. Anyways, for now I have decided to terminate the relationship as soon as i can.



  1. The problem you faced in the call-center is the same with any industry – it can be in telecom, credit cards, mobile phones. But it doesnt go to the extent of banging the phone on one’s customer!!!

  2. Actually you are over acting. If it had been a month and half, I could understand it but it hasn’t been I guess. This is a goverment office if you expect faster service then get someone else. The simple thing is that bury them with complaints thats how they solved my problem once I had it. Used to call up everyday twice. They got fed up of me and the guy came and rectified the problem which was there in the line and also in the exchange.

  3. I know this is about BSNL / DataOne – but just to give an alternate perspective – here is an experience with Airtel Broadband:
    Last month I had a dead connection. When I called up and complained – I was told that it will be fixed within 4 hours – else I will be *refunded* on per day basis for non-availability of service.
    The guy attending the problem did get back to me within the 4 hours but he explained it was because of some construction work happening few furlongs away. So it took a little more time (around 6 hours iirc) before I got the connection back — but I was satisfied enough 🙂
    Few days later I had the same problem again and yet again I went through the same drill. It again took till evening to rectify – but I held on. When it again happened next week – I was a little frustated and gave the customer-rep a few strong words – telling him to find a permanent solution so that I don’t keep facing this every few days.
    Sure enough, the problem was again fixed in 5/6 hours but it has not happened since (fingers x-ed 🙂 ). But the real surprise was in the next bill — they actually credited back 1 day worth of charges on account of non-availability of service !

    So my experience with Airtel has been much better in that respect. I’m not saying that Airtel customer-reps are the greatest or that I never have any problems – but at least they have some processes and policies in place and that is more that you can generally say for most helpdesks in India!

  4. I too had good experience from airtel, they send me a sms whenever it supposed to be down. Only issue compared to dataone is that its more pricy, you pay 600+ for what dataone gives probably at half price, but so far i am ready to pay more for the service.

  5. u called the helpline???? 😮


    i called their one time , they directed me to local xchange ,
    i never calld them again

    just , go to local xchange nd eat their mind until u r problem isnt solved

    welcome to sarkari world

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