Air Deccan: Expect the Unexpected

I have been watching / reading all these allegations and clarifications on verious media about the below par standard of service provided by Air Deccan, the low cost airline. It has been difficult to decide who is right, who is wrong. However, i dont need to rely on third party news anymore. I have first hand experience and now i know what to expect.

Today morning my brother took a flight to Bhubaneswar from Bangalore. Its departure time was 0655 hrs and arrival at Bhubanesar at around 1000 hrs. However he reached at around 1300 hrs only. i.e SIX hours for a journey which is supposed to be only TWo hours in a direct flight.

The flight was supposed to hop at Chennai. However, it first went to Coimbattur, then to Chennai and then to Bhubaneswar. May be there were too few passengers for the Coimbattur flight, so they cancelled it and boarded all of them to this flight. On top of it they do not offer you any refreshments. Such a shame. There is NO concern for the passengers at all. If you deliberately put passengers in trouble you should at least have the courtesy to offer free refreshments.

Anyways, thats my experience. Do share yours, only first hand please.



  1. LLC means no that you fly cheap and the only way to get things cheap is when the service is bad and its a lengthy journey. You can’t definitely expect service like Indian on Air-Deccan.

    Its very simple: Lesser the money worse the service.

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