In support of the IT industry and grads – a revolutionary step forward

Last week i spent a couple of days in helping the governing body of the institution which offered me my engineering degree. Yes, i was one among a group of people from the IT industry that gathered to assist AICTE in its new mission. I must say i am delighted and honoured because this was my first chance to payback and make use of the knowledge i gathered while working in the industry, for a noble cause.

The current higher management in AICTE is trying to revive the engineering education in india, make the curriculam more suited to industry requirements and better prepare the graduates for prospective global career. In this respect a workshop was held in Infosys campus in Bangalore with active participation from industry, academia and the governing body. All the participants had just one aim – align the curriculam to the industry needs either by introducing new courseware or by removing outdated courses. Also introduced was the concept of ‘finishing school’ to prepare the unemployed graduates for IT jobs.

All in all i would say i was very impressed with the ideas thought out by AICTE, the way the workshop was organized and the sincerity of the delegates who attended the workshop. If all goes well (which i see most likely) the new program will be rolled out during the session starting mid 2007. The AICTE recommendation for course changes will be sent to all collages well before that. All that remains to be seen is which colleges are proactive in accepting and implementing it faster.

One more delight for me during the workshop, i must mention, was to get a chance to see, hear and speak to Nandan Nilekeni, CEO, Infosys. His impromptu speech was extraordinarily pleasing and inspirational. I am honoured to be present in a conferene room with around 50 odd people along with him.

One can get more concrete information from AICTE websites. Few links here,

National Programme on Technology Enhanced Learning

All India Council for Technical Education


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