Income Tax office – Bangalore

After a couple of years of hesitation i finally gathered some courage to visit the income tax office last week to try and recover the refunds i have been expecting from them. Like all of us i also had similar impression about the IT office, that i will have language problem, that they will be cryptic in answering my questions so that i am confused further about the process, that i will be taken for a ride for at least a few times till it raised my mercury levels enough for me to vomit the frustration on my friends and family.

With all these in mind i was sure that i needed a friend of mine who could speak the local language and could accompany me to the IT office. So we drove to the IT office. The things started in expected lines, e.g we were not allowed to enter by the gate which showed ‘Enter sign’, we were given a rough hand signal by the security guard to ‘guess’ that the next door was the entrance, which showed ‘Out sign’. 🙂

However, that was the last thing in expected lines. Once we entered into the office near Mekhri circle, everything was a surprise for us. The office boys were soft, gentle and ready to help. There were sign boards with clear directions. We could reach the appropriate room(specific to IT wards) just reading the sign boards. The reception in the room was not bad either. The officer was more than eager to help. I could communicate in english without annoying them, the subordinate was quick to retrieve my records on that smart box and the other one quickly drew my refund order form the deck of files. The refund cheque had been sent to me long time back and returned unreceived. Now it stands expired and hence new cheque needs to be issued. They took down my new address and to my best surprise i was told i should receive the new cheque in a week or two.

It all looked like fairy tale story to me. But it was true. The department seems to have improved a lot and we need to appreciate and cooperate. They are more than willing to help and working towards clearing the back log i guess.



  1. Another interesting point is that the office itself is housed in a neat swanky place, unlike the boring government offices that one gets to see. Maybe the ambience made them more helpful.

  2. To my further surprise i received the refund cheques from the IT department within a week of my visit to their office. I have deposited them to my bank account and the funds were cleared without any issues. Thats impressive.

  3. Hey Amit,

    Can u lemme know where exactly is the office and the phone umber if you have?


  4. This office is on Bellary road. While moving from the Windsor Manor bridge towards Hebbal, it falls on your right side just after the Sanjay Nagar traffic signal. They have parking slots inside.

  5. I had the opportunity to visit another IT Office. Since mine belonged to Ward 4(1), I had to goto UNITY Building Annexe (near Town Hall). The board mentioned that I needed to goto 5th floor. There, there was a lady called Mala (who had called me in the first place). She was an elderly person – who was busy stacking up IT returns – when I met her. She asked me to wait for 2 minutes before getting my return. She asked me to sign her form, which I promptly did. Just as I was leaving, she asked me “yenu amount illva?” (translates to “is there anything for me?”). I just mumbled to her in return, even as I hurriedly left to the exit door.

  6. Hi,Iwas working in a Bangalore,got my form 16,where there was good refund amount.after that i shifted to Hyderabad and submitted my ITR there.Now I am back in bangalore.still waiting for refund,Now I am confused No 1 whomn where to contact-In Bangalore orHyderabad!

  7. Hi,
    I am just wondering what the current address is of the Bangalore Income Tax office. I cannot seem to find it on the internet because their site is down. Is there a link to where i can find the addresses?

  8. dear sir,

    i have pan card which became old and dirty, i want to apply for new one please let me know the easy procedure

    harish k k

  9. Hi Harish

    First, you need to fill in a change request or correction form. You can either download a correction form from the websites of UTI Technology Services Ltd (UTITSL), National Securities Depository Ltd (NSDL), or the I-T department—‘’, ‘’ or ‘’—or you can get a hard copy from any of the branches of UTITSL and NSDL. You can easily locate your nearest centre from the websites of UTITSL, NSDL or the I-T department.
    In the second step, you need to fill out the lost PAN card information on the form. In case you don’t have the number, you can retrieve the number of the lost card from ‘’. You only need to fill your name, date of birth and your father’s name to get your lost card number.
    Third, you need to have two stamp-sized photographs along with cash or a cheque of Rs67. Submit your form at PAN application centres of UTITSL and NSDL, the addresses of which are available at the I-T department website, and you will get a new card in 15 working days.

  10. here’s the add of mekhri circle IT office.

  11. Sir, I retired from Army on 31 Jul 2008. My TDS was deducted for the period 2007-2008 by the dedpartment. I have to submit my Income tax return for the year 2008-2009. Presently I am residing at Bangalore from the Inter net I found that, The pensioner upto 10 Lakhs the incoe tax returns to be files at ITO, Ward 15(1) Bangalore. I don’t know where the office is located can I submit the rerturns in on line. Please give the exact address of ITO, Ward 15(1) Bangalore.

  12. Hi I am staying in Bangalore @ banashankari 1st stage and my jurisdiction comes under ward4(2), but I am notable to locate the Office address to file my return. Can anyone help me to get the address…

  13. hi
    Is it mandatory that I should file mine on the same ward. I workplace is at koramangala . I reside at madiwala. I dont know my ward. Can I use Kendriya Sadan as my ward .

  14. Is it mandatory that I should file mine on the same ward. I workplace is at koramangala . I reside at madiwala. I dont know my ward. Can I use Kendriya Sadan as my ward .

  15. Iam looking for my IT Tax refund , i did check several months online online nothing response. now took break & visiting IT Tax Office near bellary road bangalore..Let me update my trip to IT Tax Office after this

  16. I have received a refund cheque from Pune IT dept in 2005 (My friends collected the cheque). By that I have shifted to Bangalore and my friends lost the cheque. Can I ask IT dept to reissue the cheque? If so to whom I need to contact (Pune or Bangalore IT depts). Please help me on this.

  17. Amit,

    Should we go to IT office in person to give the new address and to receive the refunds? Will any authorisation letter do?


  18. Hi,
    I badly need a non reduction of TDS Certificate within 10 days…can any1 please help me out with the procedure?and how long will it take? whom should i contact?

  19. Hi,
    I badly need a non reduction of TDS Certificate within 10 days…can any1 please help me out with the procedure?and how long will it take? whom should i contact?

  20. Pse intimate the correct office address of the Income Tax officer, Ward 13(2), Income Tax Department, Bangalore for sending a letter requesting for refund of the excess amount paid towards Income Tax please.

  21. Msg for Officer In-charge, Income Tax Refunds, I T O 13(2), Bangalore
    from B R Viswanath, Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum
    Kasturba Road, Bangalore – 560 001

    Respected Sir,

    Sub : Return of cheque for refund to your dept by Postal Authorities My PAN No — AAKPV3149F

    I would like to bring to your kind attention and needful action that for Assessment Year 2010-11, I am to get a refund of Rs. 412-00 in respect of my returns filed (ITR-2) with ack No-1320100336 dtd 20th July 2010.

    In this connection i had accessed through internet and came to know that cheque sent to me on April 28th, 2011 was returned to your department as address provided is in correct. its Speed Post ref No – EK 827182326IN under your ref No: CMPP7437991.

    The Address mentioned in the return for correspondence is
    Bukkapattana Rama Rao VISWANATH ( as B R Viswanath)
    Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum
    Kasturba Road,
    Bangalore – 560 001

    I would like to state that the cover was returned to your Chakala MIDC mumbai office as it was incorrect address.From GPO Bangalore i came to know that your dept insted of mentioning full address as above, mentioned as BUKKAPATTANA RAMA RAO VISWA, K B ROAD, BANGALORE.

    This is a gross mistake done by your staff may be at despatch or other point, and with such address the cover went back. At lease they should have sent me a mail as mentioned in my return my mail ID (

    Sir, I would request you to kindly arrange to check/verify the matter as to from where the mistake had occured and kindly arrange to get back the cover from MIDC Chakala your offiice and send me back the cheque at the very earliest.

    Hope that i need not run office to office with this matter and your prompt action will solve this matter.

    Kindly look into the matter and if you need you may also kindly call to me.

    Thanking you sir and hope to receive the refund cheque with your early action.

    With due regards to you sir,

    B R Viswanath.
    Visvesvaraya Industrial & Technological Museum
    Kasturba Road,
    Bangalore – 560 001
    cell No; 9449906924,

  22. I have deposited extra pan card which had been issued to me by mistake at Income Tax Office Bangalore for cancellation.
    How to confirm that its has canceled or not

  23. Definitely the this guy guy would have not received the check. though i have similar experience to my surprise they responded well and verifyed in the system and informed exact amount of refund though the amount was less then I claimed but still okey for me as I am wating for that last 4 years. and some middle man also took big lumpsum by giving promise of getting cleared it, it is more then 3 months still waiting for check. I might need to visit again to see where struck. Or they deliberately kept hold and expecting me to bribe them.
    msg me I have good experience in working on with them . At least 10-20 trips I made for HMT building.

  24. I am also in receipt of intimation under section 254 of income tax. Have to visist them imediately in thsi month oct-2014. I have asked for refund of excess amount paid. now i have an intimation that there is some anount pending whcih is very huige in assesssment years 10-11, 11-12, and the refund amount is adjusted. any help is appreciated as i have to meet them immediately and as a genuine perosn i am bit scary of them meeting for reasons knwon to very one.

    Response preferably today is highly aapreciated. Ia m ready to talk if numbe is informed on my mobile or email.

    shivaram, mathikere, bangalore
    email- shivaganti

  25. I have a different experience here…..I was asked to pay IT due to home loan interest taken as income. Am trying to rectify from 2010 but nothing is happening. Whenever I visit, assessing officer, I will get it rectified and get my refund asap. But now its 2014, nothing as happened. Now am going to try through auditing guys. Any idea how much bribe they get in HMT bhavan…..

  26. I had a tax demand notice informing that a huge tax amount was due for an assessment year 13 years back. I went to the HMT bhavan and the IT officer was kind enough to understand my concern and look at the problem. He mentioned that for whatever reason the system was not updated. He updated the system to indicate “No Demand” and informed that it would take a week to reflect (as I login to the income tax efiling website). Hoping it will get updated soon. Overall experience talking to the officer was good (except that I had to spend 1 day traveling all the way to ganganagar, instead would have been better if there is a proper/quick telephonic help line)

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