Dhoom III : You guessed it :)

I am fresh from a. la. Hollywood style action packed Dhoom II entertainment. I must say i enjoyed it right through. 🙂 The efforts of the people behind the scene is equally matched and favoured by people on the screen. Do ensure to watch the movie in a theatre with good sound quality to enjoy the actions fully.

If you have watched the movie properly you would have already noticed the loose ends that were thrown open in the movie, possibly for building the storyline of Dhoom III. Yes you guessed it. Note the following facts,

>> Jai’s (Abhisekh Bachhan) wife is pregnant.

>> Mr A (Hrithik R) and Sunehri (Ashwariya Rai) have turned goodie goodie and are left alone to live happy.

>> Mr Ali has found his partner and was on honeymoon for six months already.

Do all these points lead to a story? If you watched a couple of bollywood movies you can easily cook up a story. I would guess Jai is destined to die in the next movie. I would also imagine the witty cop seeking the wits of mr A and his partner too, because the villain will be even stronger and deadlier. After all the story needs to match the power, voltage and possibilities that Shahrukh Khan brings. 😉

All the deadliest ladies have played roles in either of the series. So who is left? Who else can look as glamorous, make action scenes not look funny and pull the crowd at the same time… Priyanka Chopra… none else. Lets wait n watch…



  1. But you havent mentioned about Dhoom II in detail – how good it was? You enjoyed it, right? But what are the highlights? Is Hrithik better than Aby Baby? Is Ash better than Bips? Is the stunts similar to what it was in Dhoom I?

  2. 1. Difficult to compare Aby with Hrithik. Both are good actors in their own ways.
    2. Bips!!??? Looks like the story writer got lost defining the role of Bips. Though she is a good actor, the role is just confusing.
    3. Very good camera stunts and location shootings.
    4. Cheap story line.. nothing new or good.
    5. Consistent good performance by Ali
    6. Confusing script.
    – No reason why the role of Aishwarya was instroduced…. The reason told by Jai to Ali does not hold a good stand
    – Sunheri is shown very intelligent thief in the beginning but lost this character suddenly in next scene when meeting with Jai.
    – Hrithik is shown as a most intelligent international thief but he got trapped with a simple trick. Again, none of his theft are shown properly according to plan. Just a hype created.
    – Lots of copy from Dhoom-I.
    – Illogical end

  3. I think the movie rocked no doubt about it! But i think that abishek sucked! He had no expression at all. You see first John Abraham had completely knocked him over in dhoom 1 and hrithik just killed him imagine what srk would do! I think that maybe they should get someone else instead of him. Dont know who but… you know what i mean. I am so excited for Dhoom 3! just saying

  4. well Dhoom2 is a disaster i must say except for hrithik i guess nothing did save th movie from turning into a mere brunette action and a hollywood gimmick.

    Villian turning into a good boy after finding his dream girl, and the cop releasing his emotions over a real lov story(rather reel).Arent we sick of all these old ingredients.

    Hindi film industry seriously lacks novelty.i guess old gen directors are passe,plz pave way for new ideas and new ways to woo the audience.

    As far as Dhoom 3 is concerned a movie critic like me wud definitely say “dont even step into theatre”

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