Passport for Baby in Bangalore

This post is to share my experiences and learning’s thereof while applying for a passport for my baby. Like everybody else i did spend lot of time over Internet to find answers to my queries for this whole process but all in vein. I still had quite a few doubts and was unclear of many things when i walked into the passport office. I must admit i faced a few issues there because of it and hence i want to put it straight this time for others benefit.

General Gyan:-

>> Put a thumb impression of the baby wherever the form asks for applicants signature. Left hand thumb for boy and right hand for girls. Others i don’t know.

>> Get two photocopies of all original documents.

>> You will get maximum 5 yr valid passport for minors.

>> INR 600/- as passport fee for minors. Cash accepted.

>> After payment you will get a receipt on it.

>> You dont need to submit any original documents. However you do need to carry them to passport office and produce it on demand while on the counter.

Documents Required:-

>> Birth & Age proof – copies of the birth certificate.

>> Copies of passport of both the parents. Only need the copies of first four pages and last four pages, not the complete passport.

>> Address proof – letter from company, bank statement, rental agreement, ration card, DL etc. If one of the parents passport has correct address, then address proof is not required.

>> Copies of the marriage certificate of the parents. It is not required if either of the parents passport has its spouse name endorsed in it.

Filling up the form:-

>> The application form has clear instructions on many of the items. Please read carefully before putting ink on the form.

>> You can safely apply for ECNR if either of the parents have ECNR cleared in their passport. No need to submit any supporting document.

>> Item 19 should be counter signed by both the parents.

>> Un-staple your form and create two sets. Set 1 (main application form + one copy of all the documents mentioned in ‘documents required’ above.). Set 2 (Personal particulars forms + one copy of all the documents mentioned in ‘documents required’ above.).

Step-by-Step Process at Passport Office for Applying:

>1> Fresh passport applications are accepted in counters in first floor in Bangalore office.

>2> Get queued up by 0945 hrs as the gate opens that time.

>3> After entering the gate, you get a stamp on your application. It has a token number on it. Please sign on the stamp.

>4> Go to first floor and look for a queue other than the counters. This is where you have final chance to get your papers verified. Get queued up and verified.

>5> Keep watching the electronic boards on the cellar for your token number to appear and go to the counter number mentioned there. It will be counter 2 or 3 mostly.

>6> Go to the counter, submit papers and show the originals. The officer will verify, put a stamp and if everything is fine (and her mood is fine 🙂 ) ask you fees and give you a receipt.

>7> Wait for six weeks and keep praying. If either of the parents of the applicant is passport holder then you can expect a faster processing, ie, four weeks.

After filing the application:-

>1> The personal particulars forms are sent to the nearest police station in your locality.

>2> Within a week of applying, you should get a call from the police station to visit them along with the applicant.

>3> In case you dont, please the passport site for the status of your application. If it says that they have sent it for police verification, please make a visit to the police station.

>4> Do not forget to carry the applicant photograph, address proof, age proof and the passport application file number.

>5> The official there will use your documents and verify the form received from passport office. If all is correct, they will put a stamp on the forms and get it signed from the station in-charge.

>6> After completing the formality they usually send the form to passport office very next day. There are dedicated officials to handle these concerns in each police station.

>7> However, if you didnt stay in same address for last one year, then the application will again be sent to a police station nearer to your earlier address. You will have to repeat the above process for the next police station.

>8> Expect a gap of two weeks for the application to travel from one police station to another.

Useful links and Contacts:-

>> official site

>> Email L:- (before submission), (after submission)

>> phone: (+91)-80-2558 4536, 2558 4543



  1. When applying online register more than once bcoz if something goes wrongone first day u can register the next day if u don’t do this way u may end up waiting for 10 more days

  2. Hi, This message might be useful to me.. thnx its very clear. Iam in US and my wife and my kid (kid is of one month) will be flying to US from Bangalore and I was searching for the info. Hope this my help me to apply for a passport of my kid.

    If any more suggestion plz let me know..

  3. Great service,though i have changed my wife address,my child got in his moms old address!!!!no ecnr stamp tooo.Is it ok without ecnr for minor lets see!!Any way its a good job.

  4. hi to all….i need a information regarding ECNR…….
    is there is any need of ECNR for 3 month child.??…. and in that passport…there is no seal ECR or ECNR seal there

  5. I have submitted my passport application in speed post center before 7 days.

    When I try to see the status today, it says no record in database…

    Can anyone tell me what may be the problem…

  6. Thanks a lot. Hope this will make my life cool for applying passport for my kid. 🙂

    Once again thanks a lot.,


  7. very valuable information regarding the kids passport,this made me easy to apply my kids p.port.

    thanks a lot

  8. dear sir,
    my old passport given to Bangalore office in 19th feb 2007 for the change of my name DeKamath Archana epak please tell me when it reach to me.
    yours faithfully.

  9. Dear Arachana,

    I have not done a name change in my passport yet. So i can not provide any detailed information on it. You need to read up the passport sites (may be FAQ) section to find details. Also once you go through the process, it would be great if you could post your experiences here, for others benefit.

  10. Latest news on this is – BangaloreOne is planning to setup a system with the existing Passport tracking system, which will help one to track passport application status beyond the police enquiry stage too. Also it will speed up the process of verification by forcing police man to take action asap.

  11. Hi Amit,

    Thanks a lot for the clear and detailed information.

    I have 1 question on applying minor’s passport – do we we have to submit any additional forms along with the passport application, for example they are saying about an AnnexureH.

  12. Hi Jaison,

    I do not remember filling up any additional annexture for this. However the rules may have changed over the year or you may have a special case which needs some kind of declaration. If let me know about the contents of anex-H i may be able to recollect it.

    Apologies for not-very-helpful reply.


  13. Great information all in one. One doubt I have If one of the parent in abroad . Are there any special documents needed to apply?

  14. if one of the parent is in abroad then special documnt is required.
    that is no objection cerftificate from the father which has to take from the embassy of that particular country where the father or monther are staying(abroad)for ex if the parent is staying in US the parent has to take no objection certificate from Embassy of US.
    which has to be submit original certificate.they wont accept scaned copy or some other.

    with this xerox copy of the passort of the parent who is stayng in abroad n original passport of mother or father who is going to apply.

  15. THanks so much for all the info, Just wanted to add, Young parents who have kids (Minors) in INDIA while they are planning to move /moved to a Foreign Country, get the kids passport done while you are in INDIA , its a pain dealing with INDIAN embassy.

  16. I would like to apply for a passport of my son, who is a minor of 2 years 6 months age who was born in Delhi.

    My present status is as follows :
    1. I have a valid passport which has been issued from New Delhi.
    2. My wife has a valid passport which has been issued from Chandigarh.
    3. I am residing in Bangalore from June 2008 onwards; before that I was residing in Delhi.
    4. My wife’s passport is in her Maiden Name & does not include my name in her passport.
    5. My passport also does not have my wife’s name included.
    6. The address in both mine & my wife’s passport is NOT OF BANGALORE.
    7. As proof of my residence in Bangalore, I can furnish House Lease Agreement, Airtel Landline Telephone Bill, Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement, Letter Head from employee ( Reputed Private Company ) & my wife can submit Bank Statement, Credit Card Statement.

    With the above documents, how do I go about applying for my son’ passport. Request you to provide with a step by step procedure to be followed as I have not got a satisfactory answer to my query from any place.

    This is a humble request to kindly help me in guiding me in applying for my son’s passport.

    Thanking you.

    Sumit Chakravarty

  17. hello sir. . .
    i was applied my passport on 14.08.2008 in mangalore. sir i applied from college addrese. and after that i was in my trening in month of november n desm. sir iwant to know it will be collected by the college in appcence of mine or not. . .n i have my key no . cant i check directly.?

  18. I am in USA from last 2 years. I have son borned on in bijapur karanataka of one month old. My passport and my wifes passport we have chennai address, from where we have moved to pune and to USA.
    Now to get the USA passport what address proof I need to give. And where the passport need to be applied banaglore RPO or PUNE RPO

    Any advise would be helpfull


  19. I am in USA from last 2 years. I have son borned on in bijapur karanataka of one month old. My passport and my wifes passport we have chennai address, from where we have moved to pune and to USA.
    Now to get the USA passport what address proof I need to give. And where the passport need to be applied banaglore RPO or PUNE RPO

    Any advise would be helpfull


  20. Hello,

    Applying for a passport for child. (Indian Passport)

    I assume both parents already hold passports. If not there will some affidavits that need to be submitted.

    First either of the parent’s passports should have the other partners name endorsed.

    Basically Husband passport should have wife name or vice versa. This is required for a child passport- assuming both parents have the same nationality. If parents have different nationality then get the name endorsed in the passport of the parent whose nationality the child will carry.
    This will result in a new passport for one of the parents. Be sure to check how this will affect any visas already endorsed on the old passport.

    You will have to do a police verification if your passport is not issued in the city that you are applying in. Police and passport office accept different documents especially for address proof (yeah I know it is silly) so be prepared for more hassle.

    For documents required to endorse please check Indian passport website. (Marriage certificate is a must and then id and address proof for both parents)

    After PV (if required) you can convert your application to tatkal. Once the process cycles thru and you receive you passport (It took me 20 days from the date of application)
    . ( if I remember correctly I applied for my childs passport after my police verification was done quoting my application number. You don’t have to wait to receive you passport first.

    Take relevant documents (please check website birth certificate issued from registrar, id and address proof for both parents. Once you application is accepted, you should be able to convert it to tatkal on the same day ( not sure if this has changed)
    Wait one week and you should get it.

    Please note this was done 2 years ago (2007) not sure if this has changed. I found all info on the passport website it self. Take time and read it carefully (it takes time I know and seems confusing)

    relevant page

  21. oh yeah one more thing ( pretty obvious thing but..)

    please please fill the form very carefully and take a copy of the completed form before submitting ( would help if you make a official complaint)

    if there are any mistakes, the passport office will blame you and not do anything about it you will have to apply for a new passport.

    There were many ppl around when i went, screaming at the officials saying their passport came with them being as F when they were male

    their suranmes and first names got swapped etc etc.

  22. So now, if you don’t have the spouse’s name for either of hte parent, they reject the app. I just came back after spending 3 hours there. They say its Mandatory.

  23. Hello mate, I want to thank you for this nice blog.
    Would you mind telling me some secrets for a succesful blog ?
    Which could attract some visitors than it normally does.

  24. Hi ,
    Can someone confirm , if its mandatory to have a Spouse Name included in either of the Parent’s passport ? Or Marriage Certificate Shall do for getting Baby’s Passport.
    Also as I understand for getting Baby’s Passport no Police Verification is required if both the parents have passport.

    Can some one please confirm and share their recent experience for getting Minor’s passport in Bangalore.


  25. I just came from Hyderabad passport office. Though its not written anywhere (I mean the passport official websites), For obtaining minor passport – its mandatory to have have spouse name in atleast one of the parents passport.

    If the person accepting the application at the counter is in a happy mood, he will take your application but there is every chance that the application process will stop at some point.

    So I am including my spouse name inthe passport after which I will apply for my baby’s passport.


    What has been your experience? Did you have your spouse name in the passport? If not, did you not get any query/additional document request from passport office? You should be lucky then 🙂

    — Laxman

  26. I got this piece of info from some other link. Might be useful to some.

    I got TATKAL passport for my baby(he was only 4 months old though), no need of any annexures/verifications, you just need to pay the fee.

    You need to fill another annexure though, saying both parents are jointly applying for the passport. THis can be done on plain paper. Make sure that at least one of the spouses have the other spouse name included in the passport, else the kid’s application is not considered.

    I wonder, what about single parent kids?

  27. The design for the website is a little bit off in Epiphany. Nevertheless I like your blog. I may have to install a normal browser just to enjoy it.

  28. Dear Sir
    I want to take passport for my son of 4yrs age. I went to Passport office at Vijayawada they refused to give the passport eventhough we both the parents are having valid passport and the reson they showed is there is no spouse endorsement on father passort.

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