Indian Airlines – you thought they were bad…

Yeah i also had the same impression about our national carrier. But only until today morning. Over the weekend i spoke to one of their executives over phone to enquire about holiday packages. I picked up his phone number from their website and called him up even though it was late in sunday afternoon.

As expected he didn’t sound very pleasing and i was not comfortable talking to him. So obviously i stopped the conversation without really getting all the information i wanted. However, i thought i should give my feedback to the company and leave it to them to accept/reject it or treat it the way they want. That way at least i have done my duty.

Today morning i was surprised when i received an apology mail from a senior manager from Indian Airlines, thanking me for my feedback and promising to improve upon the service levels. The mail also contained apology from the executive i spoke to. 🙂 I am pretty impressed with this gesture. Guess the airline is trying to improve on the quality and standards. We need to change our perceptions too and decide on the fate of it based on it current standards, not by its past. 🙂


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