IBM Thinkpad with strange bugs

Recently i have been having problems with my IBM Thinkpad. It has slowly become full of bugs. well…bugs of a different (& strange) kind. 😦 My lappy is still fully functional and i am able to work normally without any interruptions for long hours. These bugs seem to have no effect on it but i know they are there. And being a IT professional i cant sit idle till i make my lappy clean of all foreigners.

To be very frank i have no clue how to resolve them. I have done enough research on different forums, asked prof. Google etc but no help. I was feeling a little embarrassed to mention this to my friends. However, when all doors were shut, i gathered some courage and revealed this to one of my very good friends. He was head over his heels laughing on me. He had never imagined this either. Obviously he too didn’t have any solution for me.

Let me know if you have encountered such problems and how you resolved them? I will be obliged.

oh..sorry.. didn’t i explain the problem in detail? The laptop has lots of holes here n there for various reasons and the cockroaches have taken advantage of it to explore the e-jungle inside. Guess they have liked it too much and decided to make it their habitat.

Now what do i do? I can’t use those sprays’ available in market. i cant open it completely myself. Dont have enough tools, cant risk damaging it since the warranty is expired and the IBM support costs are way beyond individuals reach (2k INR for just opening the laptop. 😦 ). Cant take it to a local computer service store – what do i ask him to do? How will he charge me? Let alone the round of embarrassment i will have to go thru again!!!



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