Pune – a refreshing experience

Recently i had been to Pune on a official trip. I spent a week and half there, though most of the time in office. But the office was in the heart of the city and hence i got a chance to look around and get a hang of the city during weekend. 🙂 Here is my report on the city.


People in Pune say the streets are heavy on traffic. But someone coming from Bangalore or Mumbai wouldn’t agree. For me it was a easy traffic. Though there is a lot of Carbon Monoxide pollution, so u see kerchiefs and scarfs around many faces. The roads condition is pathetic, be prepared for a bumpy ride. People have good traffic manner, over stepping and forced crossings are rare.


People are polite, mannered and generally good. I met people ranging from autowalas, security guards, restauranters, temple priests to senior executives etc. Well i happened to bump into


Mostly marathi though all of them understand and speak Hindi. You can expect English from most of them including the auto drivers ;). Shop and street names are in hindi and marathi(less).


You get good quality north indian food. Try out some marathi specialities like ‘Vada Pav’. Drop into a sweets shop and try out few of them. Yummm..they have so many varieties and the taste is amazing…delicious… the sweet shops are usually named as “* halwai”. Drop into ‘Dagduseth Halwai’ area and you are destined for taste of your life. They have quite a few namkin items too..try out Bakarwadi. 🙂


The city has around 5 or 6 multiplexes including Inox. There are a few pubs and discos around too. The city is active and reasonably safe till 2am or 3 am in the morning. For tourists, there are places neighbouring Pune like Lonavala, Khandala etc. Even people looking for extreame entertainment would not be disappointed. 😉


The city is well connected to almost all tier-1 cities in India thru road, rail and air. I didnt get a chance to go inside the railway station, but from outside is looked like a very crowded and congested area. The airport is a mess (under renovation now) and in a very isolated area – far away from the city.

Cost of living

Food is not very expensive. 10 bucks is good enough for a standard snacks break. Travel in auto costs you 6 bucks a km. Apartment rentals are below 10K for 2 BHK. Though buying property is an expensive affair, as of today 3200/- rupees per sft for apartments.

Overall it was a good experience. The city is full of youth because of the many educational institutions. I have heard Pune has the maximum number of educational institutes compared to any other city in India. Many of them have national level recognition too. If you happen to visit the place during Ganapathi Mahotsav (around Aug/Sep every year), dont miss the various Ganapatis around the city. Hire an auto and ask him to take you around one evening. You will be impressed with the light and artwork at display.

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  1. we can never compare pune with blr………….pune is developing…….but blr has already attained high standards in all the aspects…………like(IT,Nightlife,….eyc)

  2. U talkin abt nitelife in blore ZYZ,which downs its shutters t 11.30?dats nt called nite life dude…am nt downplayin blore but pune has carved a niche of its own…step in2 one of ur klubs…u wnt go back disappointed…am a true puneite and i usually dnt take shit against it..especially wen ppl dnt know much abt it!!!

  3. Hei Vinay,

    I surely agree with your comment on Pune about Night life. Atleast, nightlife here is better then Bangalore, which is completely down at 11:00pm.

    I had a fortune or misfurtune of living in both the cities – Bangalore for 6 months and now in Pune since last 7 months.

    It is really difficult to compare these 2 cities. But the comparision is really necessary since both these cities are flagging their development activities to attract IT world.

    Pune, while is having an advantage of close-ness to Mumbai and a very good climate, has some dis-advantages as well. Let me try to put some points here about Pune:
    1. Advantages:
    – Pleasant climate
    – Lots of week-end escapes
    – Close-ness to Mumbai – trying to become a world class city
    – Vasteness (Very big city)
    – Well-Spread development activities – especially IT activities are spreading properly in all directions, instead of gathering at few place only – like in Bangalore.
    – Greenery (Now reducing rapidly)

    2. Disadvantages:
    – Rudeness of people (Sorry Vinay, but let us accept the fact)
    – Unplanned development activities (like Hyderabad)
    – Bad civic sense amongst people (traffic discipline, spitting etc)
    – Irresponsible civic administration
    – Bad business sense (Customers are still bakras here.. bad services across all businesses)
    – Very bad Town Planning (You see highest numbers of Y-crossings in the country)

    I had a dream since my child hood to stay in Pune. Liked this city in many senses.

  4. I was in Pune yesterday and the roads are in a terrible shape – especially the road from airport is being laid. So, its one-way now – makes for some terrible traffic. Also, the roads seem to be quite dirty – compared to Bangalore roads.

  5. Pune is cool city in India. Pune weather is so pleasant, you can get lot of events and activities to enjoy in city even in education field people come form various region to further studies…

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