Lage Raho Munna Bhai

well well well…its a movie you dont wanna miss. I just returned from the theatre, its 0200 hrs in the night and my eyes are literally falling off. But i cant control myself. I want to write about it. I want to let people know about the movie, right now. 🙂 My impression is – its a great movie and has all ingredients to be a super hit. If you watch movies for entertainment, relaxation or for learning then take it from me, you will not be disappointed. 🙂

For those who want to watch the movie, pls don’t read further. The section below talks about the movie, reveals all the secrets and have full potential to spoil your entertainment value. Paragraphs below are only for my friends who like to discuss movies but hardly have time to go and watch it. So read on pals….

Initial half an hour into the movie and i was disappointed. There was a huge expectation, mainly because of the success of its earlier version – Munna Bhai MBBS. I was expecting an out n out comedy but with different dialogues and delivery style. It seemed same initially and added to my worry. However, i soon realized it is a comedy movie indeed but with a different approach. By that time the movie had already built a story and i was getting involved. From then on time flew away and the show was over in no time. 🙂

There are quite a few surprise factors. Almost all the characters in first flick are present in this one too. Bomman Irani didn’t get enough dialogues to show his skills this time. If you are a comedy freak, glue your ears to the ‘circuit’ speaks. The message is clear this time too – Help others to help yourself. 🙂 However, the message comes direct from the father of the nation. yes, Mahatma Gandhi. No, he didn’t show up for few seconds to deliver a lecture. He is present through out the movie. And still you don’t feel being lectured. that’s the beauty.

If you like imotional stuff, be sure to carry a kerchief. If you like comedy stuff, again be sure to carry a kerchief. You like multi starrers? wow…dont worry – you would get to see Aby baby and Diya Mirza too. You are a Radio Jockey(RJ)? then you must watch it. I never thought Vidya Balan can look beautiful. I had an impression that she is overhyped though i have not seen any of her movies yet. But now i feel otherwise. She has got very expressive eyes and a beautiful smile. Good acting skills as add-on makes it a deadly combination.

In a earlier blog my friend Madhu was sceptic about the movies prospects for different reasons. But i dont think that applies to this movie.

Overall, my verdict – must watch even though you don’t regularly watch movies. After the movie you will realize why i asked you to go for it. signing off!!!



  1. I am sure Gracy Singh in place of Vidya Balan would have been a good choice also – I think since these 2 ladies play the good-looking home-made roles without much of the exposure that the other heroines do, these 2 dont get much roles to play as well. Thats very sad!!!

    Anyway, thanks for the reco. Will try and watch this movie.

  2. I am most probably be going to be watching this movie today. Thanks for the review. They were going to make Munnabhai lawyer or something earlier but changed their minds. Gandhi’s integrity as a lawyer has to be read to be believed. Wonder if they have covered it indirectly. More than Munna, I like Arshad Warsi.He is really versatile.

    When you have Vidya(knowledge + beuaty) and diya( light + beauty), what more could one possibly ask for?

  3. I wouldn’t agree Madhu for the ‘home-made’ tag to Vidya Balan. You need to see Parineeta and the trailers of her forthcoming flicks to agree to that. Even in LRMB she is pretty westernized on Goa beaches. 😉

    Hiren, that was a good quote. In any case there is lot of beauty quotient. Arshad warsi is(and was) more impressive than Munna.

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