Book review : Java development with Spring Framework

I have been looking for good source of information to understand and learn the Spring framework. Just do a google and you get millions of tutorials, articles, examples, posts and blogs about Spring. I did it and got lost in the ocean of information. You need to spend some time to choose a couple of good articles from them and read on. I don’t like reading on screen and prefer a book in my hands for some serious reading. Since i was looking for a good depth in Spring knowledge, most of the articles didn’t fit the bill. So i found this book.

The Book Amazon Listing & Review

I haven’t read the complete book yet. But whatever i have read so far is very impressive. There is no nonsense in the paragraphs and the book focuses on writing the exact thing that is required to explain the features of the framework. So if you have a habit of skipping paragraphs while reading books then you will miss a lot of things.

Read the chapter 2 and 3 if you want to make your foundation strong. They are concise and to the point. From then onwards you can pick and choose the chapters to read based on the features that you need to use immediately. Chapter 1 should be skipped by people who are new to JEE world. But its a must read for experienced JEE developers, for it will help them understand the real value of Spring like frameworks. Just two chapters are good enough to give you right information to get started with strong foundation.


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