Anthony Kaun Hai

Well, that title is in Hindi (for my international readers. 🙂 ). I managed to bump into a theatre and watch this flick. If you want to watch the movie and don’t want to spoil your entertainment value, please leave this review right away.

The title makes an impression of a suspense flick whereas the star cast forces you to think of a comedy one. Unfortunately, you don’t get either of them. 😦 The movie seems to be a low budget one, may be manufactured in a month or two. There are a few clips here n there with comedy value but the context of the movie doesn’t allow you to laugh much. Sanjat Dutt doesn’t have much screen presence, though Arshad Warsi rarely disappoints now a days. 🙂 May be you would not like him dancing with the beauties there but you cant stop appreciating the other aspects. The sound effects and editing is mediocre and most of the times the movie fails to involve you.

But there are few things in the movie you can not avoid…The red Ferrari…Minissha Lamba (ignore her acting skills please)… and the evergreen gentleman villain – Sunjay Dutt.

Anthony Kaun Hai, IMDB Listing



  1. I think the golden goose (combination of Sanjay Dutt and Arshad Warsi) is being killed to make a fast buck. I am sure the fascination of MunnaBhai 2nd innings would be reduced thanks to this movie.

  2. i agree to your point to some extent. There are people for whom the star cast is enough to push them to theater while there are a selected few who can easily decide on the quality of movie by watching the promos a couple of times. My personal verdict after watching the Munnabhai 2nd Innings promos is not very promising. 😦

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