Schumi, whats cooking?

So he just won another race this weekend. Now Micheal Schumacher has 89 wins to his credit. Another 11 to go for that illusive century. Should he continue the way he(and his team + car) is performing now, he should get at least two more wins from the remaining six races of this season. That means another 9 wins to go. Knowing his killer instincts and attitude on field, he would take another two seasons max to complete 100 wins.

Do you think he can do that? His contract ends with Ferrari this season. Where is he heading? Will he stay with Ferrari? Or does he want to end his career with Renault, the team with which he started winning races? What is baffling is Why Renault had to make so many changes in their car in the middle of the season, that to when Fernando Alonso was winning comfortably? Is there anything cooking inside? Is Renault into a deal with Schumacher? We let you win championship this season, you join us next season?



  1. Hmmm…they would have to weigh their options against winning a Championship race this year Vs. getting Schumi next. And Schumi, even though is going great guns, doesnt have age on his side. So, dont think your conspiracy theory holds good. Maybe Ferrari+Schumi had some magic potion that has started to work atlast 😉

  2. Well, there is no age limit that i know of as of now. And if you notice the body language and behaviour of Schumi on and off the track you will never say that he is beyond 30, let alone late 30s. And about magic potion, this is not a JK Rowling book. There is so much technology and innovation involved, we as viewers dont get to know even a percent of it.

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