Why Cricket

I know the title of the post is enough to pull crowds (at least the south east asians) towards the post. But my intention is to trigger a line of thought process (title conveys it well) in you, let alone initiate a discussion on it.

You have always enjoyed watching, gosipping and reading Cricket, be it the Test cricket, One-day cricket or more recently the Twenty20 cricket. Whenever there is a match, a couple of days +/- the match days have gone in that. I dont argue if/when we should do it or not. But have you ever wondered ‘why’ the country (india obviously) has been so mad for this sport?

You can provide many arguments for it. We have produced legends in this sport? I guess no, there are countries like West Indies, England and Australia who have produced more legends than anyone else. But they are not as mad on Cricket as we are. They have world class teams in other sports like Soccer, Football etc and they do even better in solo/individual sports. So why madness in cricket in india?

I guess it is more to do with our lifestyle and the environment where we grow up. A typical indian child grows up in a family tied pretty firm with a society. Which means the child gets a lot of friends and spends the evenings and sundays with them. Once a group is formed, the only viability for a sport is a ‘team’ sport. One that can keep all of them occupied so that none feels left alone. There are quite a few team sports to choose from but only cricket fits into their bill. Because it needs minimum accessories and its very cheap. You dont even need to buy anything to start playing the game.

I dont deny, there is a class of people who prefer to stay away from the mass. Their child grows in a virtually isolated enviroment which only gets worse as s/he steps into adulthood. So they incline towards one man games (solo). Some of them do excel in those games and you can find a few national heroes in those category too. However, this lifestyle being prominent in western countries you see world class players in solo sports from those countries. Thats probably the primary reason why games like Golf and PC based games are so hit there.

What do you think? And before i leave you there another point to think about – with our growing population we are only going to get short of space and land. In such a case how long do you think we can “be mad” about cricket and continue following it, for a game which demands more space than most other games.



  1. Going by your argument, football should have been more popular than cricket because it requires just one ball – no bats required 🙂

    People are mad about cricket because of the business Managers driving it everywhere – you see cricketers endorsing all sorts of products. Hence, cricketers are on the same level as film-stars. So, its a cycle.

  2. I would argue on that simply because of the fact that football needs spikes and its not affordable by many indians yet. IIRC indian team was not allowed to play a major tournament just because thier team didnt have spikes.

    About sponsership, we know its simple business principle. When the team plays well you see them in ads on television but they all go off the air suddenly when the team is not doing well. Same is the case with soccer stars in UK. You rarely see british cricketeers on ads.

  3. Yeah, if footballers need spikes, cricketers need the entire paraphernalia of gloves, boots, guard, helmet, thigh guards, etc. Gimme a break!!! We are talking about street football just like street cricket. We dont require spikes to play on tar-roads. The spikes will fall off.

    I dont think Indian cricketers and actors have been off of television at all. Even when Sachin was recuperating for his injury, you could see him in ads. India lost to WI during the latest ODI series – but in between, you could still see Irfan Pathan with his razor – he still comes on the ad. Businesses spend so much money on the known individuals who have done well in their sport.

    Also, Cricket is the only game where Indian players are available at home for a period (where the ad agencies can shoot them). All the other winners like Anand, Karthikeyan, Rajvardhan Singh, Anju George – these people dont spend that much time within India also (touring abroad either in training or for events).

    In UK, the cricketers never came in ads because English cricket rarely plays well. Its only now recently that after they beat the Aussies, they have become popular within England!!! Just wait till November when they are thrashed 5-0 by the Aussies.

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