129 comments on “Birth registration in Bangalore

  1. in koramangal area where should i get birth certificate plese anybody know hwlp me its very urgent for me?

  2. Hi,

    My son was born in RajaNandini Hospital Chunchaghatta, Bangalore 560062. I want to get my son’s name entered in the birth certificate. He was born in the year 2000, where should I approach for the birth certificate with name included.Should I go to Bommanahalli, what are the doc required pls let me know.

  3. Привет! Кто знает где можно скачать книгу “Пятьдесят оттенков серого” ?
    Давно ищу и не могу нигде найти. Спасибо заранее.

  4. My baby born in manipal hospital and i got her name updated in birth registration office meat ulsoor lake. Its next to community hall. Process took 15 mins and immediatly gave 2 original copies

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