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  1. I think without actually completing the process of completing the birth certifcate, the blog is incomplete. I am sure you will have another good experience when you go again :D

    • please contact me 9986306111
      basically helps u to get information about birth and death certificate

  2. I have finally collected the certificates. Contribution? ;) I am surprised. The person there was a gentleman contrary to my expectations and he happily accepted the 100 rupee note that i offered him. Further to my surprise i found him knowledgable of Java and JEE programming. He was even trying to build a software to automate the registration process out of his own will. :) Impressed.

    I was not going to loose the chance to help. i have offered him my skills for any kind of technical problems. :)

  3. Which office you have been to register your baby’s name?
    My son is about 5 months old now what is the procedure to register?
    Please let me know..

    Thanks and regards,

  4. Dear Gajanan,
    The regestration office are different for different localities. You need to go to the one nearest to the hospital where ur baby was born. You can enquire about this from the hospital itself.

  5. Amit,
    Nice that you have shared your experience. I delayed to collect my daughter’s birth certificate. Can you please help me understand the procedure for delays?


  6. Echoing the OP’s experience : I recently went to the Kamaraj Road SHO to get my daughter’s Birth Certificate, and had no hassles at all. I paid the fees as per the schedule posted on the Govt website – it came to Rs.94 or so for 5 copies, and got it in a week. No spelling mistakes either.

    And all this from a ramshacked office on Kamaraj road – pretty good. FWIW, if anybody from the Indiranagar/Ulsoor area have to go, here are some inputs:
    How to get there: Go towards commercial street from either Cubbon road or Dickenson Road, and just dont take the left into it. The road you’re on is Kamaraj road. Follow that road for about a km or so, and skip the first 4 temples you see on your left. The next one is a Murugan (Shunmughan) temple. The SHO is the ramshacked building on the right.
    Phone : 25566201

  7. hi
    my daughter is going to be 1 yr by this may.now also we can get the certifiate without any prob.can u plz near by registration off.babay bith is in kormangala.

  8. Dear Lavanya,

    Sorry, I have no idea about it. I guess one way will be to speak to the hospital or nursing home authorities. They should have information.

  9. Hi All,

    Thank you all verymuch esp Vinod who gave the contact no and Amit for creating this footprint. I wen to the Domlur Birth & Death Registration Office which is on the service road ( New Shanthi Sagar, but at the far end , comes behind the Indian Oil petrol Pump. The office Phone number is 22975857. This is becuase our kid was delivered in Manipal Hospital. The process is a simple form wih Names of Baby, Parents, Address and Date of Birth and Place of Birth ( Manipal Hospital ) . I was told to pay 50/- for Regn and 50/- per copy and the usual whatever else you are happy to give. From Vinods comment , I guess I may have been asked more. Also He said to come in three days. I will be collecting it in three days if there are any further experiences, i will update that.

    But Isn’t Registration of Birth & Deaths free and as well as a Duty of a citizen ?

  10. hi amit,
    u r experiance is good.
    i have a baby boy in the month of july14,normal,in the home .i dont know the procedure how to get birth certificate for him,my place is peenya.pls help me to how to apply for birth certificate.
    my husband is working in usa,iam staying in my inlaws house in bangalore.
    my id is :gayathri.raman05@gmail.com

  11. This is very useful information. Have a question: one has to go to municipal office nearest to hospital of birth, or the one nearest to residence?

  12. Hi,
    U have to collect the birth certificate this week….i don`t know..

    don`t give headache after u came here…

  13. Hi,

    My Son is going to be 2 years and i hve to make his birth certificate. Should i contact the hospital where he was born to find out the location or can we get it from Bangalore One (i got this from the website).

  14. Hi,
    Thanks for the sharing valueable infomation with us…I have one query achually I got my baby birth certificate from nursing home after 5 day of birth so is that fine or still we need to go govt office and submit form and get another certificate…or after some month when I decide name then go to govt office and get certificate with baby name….

  15. Hi, Every body

    Please help me to know the procedure if ther was a mistake in mother,s name doted in birth certificate. when i enquire the hospital authoroties they are telling to go thro court order.


  16. He even knows Linux!!

    I saw him using Linux and doing Java scripting!!! He told that he just does this our of pure interest!

  17. Hi Readers,
    I want to share some information on birth ceritficate. My baby born 18 months back in appolo hospital, bangalore. Due to busy in office and house i could not take the birth certificate. Last month i started searching in the google for the procedure to apply birth certificate.
    I saw this blog first and i got couple of contacts from Justdial.com. Due to the busy in office work i thought i can get it through some agent rather than going personally. When i called the agents they told i have to hire a lawer and may need to spend more money to get it as baby born more than 1 year. I was little scared. I decided to go the govt office directly rathern than relaying on agents.
    I enquired hospital people and realised that i can get it bommanahalli BMP office. I went there, they said that since the baby born more than 1 year i need to consult the main branch which is in utility building 10th floor, MG road.
    One day i went to utility building. In ground floor, there is a citizen counters. I took the application and filled all the details. I paid 100/- + 40/-(for 4 extra copies of birth certificates). They asked me to come after 1 week. After 1 week, they gave me the certificate with out paying any bribe.

    The service is straight forward. No need to pay anything. And no fine. As long as babies born in hospital, hospital authorities would have already registered with the BMP office immediately, so we no need to worry. We need to apply for the certificate and name inclusion.

    I felt very happy about the service. So no need to worry if you would not taen the certificate till now, just go to main branch in utility building and apply, you will get the certificate in 7days without any bribe.

    Please don’t relay on agent words.


  18. Dear Anand,

    Thanks for the details of the Airport Road, Domlur office and most important the phone number. It was very useful. I called the number and the person gave all the information I needed.

    Thanks again.


  19. Update:
    For people whose children were born more than a year ago, need to go directly to Public Utility Building, MG Road (Ph. No.22975800) GROUND FLOOR and ask for birth certificate form from counter no. 5, fill this-up and deposit the fees (Rs 130/- for 4 copies) at adjacent counter no. 4. They will issue you a receipt with a due date. Then you can go on or after (but within 30 days) the due date and collect the certificate from counter no. 4 by showing the receipt. Viola…you are done.

  20. If the baby is born in Manipal Hospital follow the steps below

    1.Send an email to mrd@manipalhospital.org mentioning the Hospital numner of the Baby and a scanned image of Baby’c picture.

    2.Call them and confirm that they have received the email and the picture. Medical Records Department’s Tel No : 080-25023230

    3.Visit the Department the next day , and pay Rs 100 towards the Birth Certificate Fee

    4. Collect the Certificate and go to the Bangalore Corporation Office , Domlur . The Corporation office is behind the Haiku Honda Showroom., Airport Road, Domlur.

    5. Fill the application form and pay Rs 150 towards the registration fee.

    6.The certificate can be collected in two days time.

    I have done the steps till 5th and awaiting for the certificate, The person actually told me “150/- is govt charges and whatever else you offer happily for my charges” and I have happily given only 150. He said I can collect the certificate in two days, let me see how it goes

  21. @BM,

    Is it the case after ONE month of birth or within that time.

    Please share your exp. THX

  22. Hi All,

    i today only submitted the application for the birth certificate. It seemed very simple and straight forward.

    My son was born in Manipal Hospital two weeks back, during the stay at the hospital, the hospital authorities would have told u to fill a form for the birth certificate which will be forwarded to the Domlur Municipal Corporation.

    So today when i went there the concerned person told me to fill in a form,He had the record which was forwarded by the Manipal He told Rs110/- as the fees for two copies plus what ever u wish to give. I paid 210/- , and told the collect the same after two days. Thats it.

    (Please note: No mistakes while filling the form and always better to decide the child’s name prior to applying for the BC else have to visit again to change)

    Now have to see what is the scene when i go to collect it….i will definitely update. Hope this info helps.

  23. update:

    No hassle at all when went to collect the certificate….just went and collected it today.

  24. my daughter was born at home nine years back, with blessings of my grand parents, but i haven’t registered her name in corporation, kindly let me know what is the procedure.

  25. What about cases where the baby was born in foreign country and the birth needs to be registered in India (especially cases delayed by more than 1 year)? Can anyone plz tell me the process, contact nos, address of the office and forms that can be downloaded?
    Thanks in adv

  26. I have a problem where the Mother’s name in my daughter’s Birth Certificate has been registered incorrect. We realized it only when we tried applying for her passport. We got the BC from the office in Jayanagar Shopping Complex. When we approached for the change, they had requested us to visit the Utility Building. Is there any one who had a similar issue and got it changed?

    Thanks in Advance.

  27. Hi,
    Does any one have idea which Municipal Office to contact for the Babys born at Columnia Asia, Hebbal Hospital. Please share if any one has experience in getting birth certificate from Columnia Asia, Hebbal Hospital and associated Municipal office.


  28. Hi Siva Columbus,
    I too have the same problem where Mother’s name in my son’s Birth Certificate has been registered incorrect. When I contacted the Mahavedapura Birth Registration office, they instructed me to Get a Correction Letter from Hospital & a copy of Identity proof of Mother (Matriculation certificate/Voter ID etc) and submit it to the Whitefield Birth Registration office. Now, when I visited the the Whitefield office, they told me to go to Utility Building as the date of birth is more than one year. When checked the Utility Building, they say we have received birth records till the year 2007.
    Siva, have you got the Birth Certificate with correction?


    • Hi Siva, Manu

      Mine is the similiar case, did any one of you have got it corrected. Please do provide me the details such as office to visit, documents needed, etc.


  29. Thanks Gaurav, i was looking for exact information. I was asked to visit Health Office in Kamaraj Road. Once again thanks.

  30. Is it possible to get the certificate within a day or two … I am travelling in a few days and want to apply for my son’s (newborn) passport before I travel.

    My son was born at The cradle ,Jayanagar .

  31. nice blog, and loads of info available in here.
    Was wondering if the Jayanagar office is open on Saturdays? My daughter is now 3 months, we got her Birth Certificate without the name, and wanted to start with Name-Addition process. Any idea what documents would I need? and what timings do these offices operate in ?
    Would be grateful if someone could get back with an answer.

  32. Hi my name is Elizabeth, I was born in Bangalore India in 1965 but moved with my family to Australia in October 1966. I am an Australian Citizen now. I want to go back to India this year for the first time since I left. I wanted to apply for my Australian Passport But discovered that my Indian Birth Certificate does not have my name on it.

  33. Hi all, My baby born on Shobha hospital, bangalore on 9th june 2008 please help me to get brith certificate. i dont no nearest birth registration office so please help me thanking you

  34. I got courage to handle the birth certificate of my new-born son, by reading these posts. I want to share my experience, a positive experience.
    I went to the respective BBMP office after a month of the birth. A lady officer is there, she reciprocated to my greetings and offered a seat. In the mean time, their tea time, a tea boy came, and she offered me a tea too. She quickly verified the details and took the application form, with prescribed INR 150. She said, it’s the fees for the certificates (Rs 90 for the processing, Rs 50 for additional copies) and said, it’s up to me if I want to offer anything extra. I gave INR 100, as mentioned in the earlier posts, a token of appreciation. She told me to come and collect the certificate after 5 business days. I had a doubt about the language of certificate, she showed me a certificate that has both Kannada and English.
    Earlier, I contacted my office help desk, they are charging INR 600 for that. It’s not the money, I just wanted to experience, test my Kannada localization. There is no need to speak in Kannada, no need to pose as a Kannadiga. They were helpful and courteous.
    The sad part is to locate the respective BBMP office. Mine was said as Shivaji Nagara, took a while to locate Shivajinagara BBMP. They gave another address. That was in a very small lane, doesn’t look like any office :)
    I recommend one to go in person and deal with the situation :)

  35. Hi Amit-

    I need to locate a birth certificate from Dec. 1968. The Nursing Home. Dr. Chandramma Sagar has been shut down. How do I go about getting one. Any guidance is appreciated.


  36. Hi ,

    I am blessed with a baby boy last month (March 2010) and i have recived my Son’s Birth certificate through my Hopspital (Karanth Hospital BTM) with in 20-25 days after birth. Now thing is that this Birth Certificate does not have my Sons Name. And i want to add his name in the certificate. When i asked in the hospital for the same they suggets me to go to the Madiwala Corporation office. Anyone have any idea about the procedure to add the Sons’s name in his Birth Certificate, and please pass me the detail adrees of Madiwala Corporation office.

    Vikas Sharan

  37. @Vikas

    I had also got a “Name Addition” done to the certificate. My daughter was born @ Cradle, Jayanagar, and I was told to do it at BBMP office in Jayanagar complex. However officials there told me that this is to be done at the Utility Building on MG Road (Ground floor)
    I did eventually go to the utility building, filled the forms and submitted.
    (The form is available at the first window on entrance, and needs to be submitted at the second window)
    Was delighted that it was over within 15-20 odd minutes. the receipt carries a date “after” which you can go and collect the certificates post application.
    Charges were like Rs. 100 for 1st copy, +Rs.10 for every additional copy, and at one point you can apply for a Maximum of 5 copies. After the said date, you can go after 3pm to collect the certificates from the second window.

    Hope this helps..!!

    • hi shubham
      thanks for the info.actually i made a mistake of writing daughters name in the birth certificate,so have to apply for a new one.i was totally confused whom to contact for the details. just want to know r there any timings for collecting the application forms at utility building,is it open on saturdays too? and r u sure it is only 100 and odd for the new bc ,is it too crowded? Becz i met an idiot in bbmp hanumanthnagar,who said the fee is 350 for bc and about his bribe Rs.150.and it is too crowded there,long long queues all that stuff.is it true?

      • hi hema,

        timings:I had been there @ around 11am. And I think it is open till around 5pm

        saturdays..?? umm.. not sure :)

        Rs.100..? yes definitely sure.. coz I have receipt for it.. and did not need to pay a single penny extra

        queues .. well its ur luck really.. worst i saw was abt 20 ppl in the queue to accept application forms.. and taht queue moved pretty fast..was out in a span of 20-25 minutes..

        the window for ‘submitting applications’ is different from that for ‘collecting the certificate’.. that makes like easier out there..!
        all the best to u as well..!

  38. KINDLY help to get my name endorsed in my birth certificate i was born in bangalore in 1988 and now i am residing in chennai

  39. Hi all,

    State govt has prodly displayed on vidhana soudha saying ” Government work is gods work” so people working in govt companies think that They are gods. But SOME are truely assholes.
    I am sharing my worst experience which i am going through in getting my kid’s Birth certificate. I applied for my kids birth certificate a month back and i could able to get it in 15 days. All problems started when i realized that I wanted to give my surname to my wife. My wife’s passport had already got it included. So I approached the BBMP office located in 10th floor of Public utility building. ahh!! such a hell. People there don’t even bothered to look at me when i asked about the details. I was told to contact a bastard called Mahesh on 4th desk who does the casestudy.He took me to his higher officer who was another mother fucker(excuse me for the language because that is best prefix i could give them because of my limited vocabulary) I had to go there twice just to understand what all the documents are required to submit the change request. Though this kind of change requests are common in their every days work, they looked at me as if i have committed some kind of crime. Finally they accepted all the documents and gave an acknowledgement and told me to collect the new birth certificates after 15 days. When i went there after 15 days they started saying that the affidavit is not proper and i need to make a new one. so again i had run for court and notary to get it done. When i submitted the second version of affidavit he started saying that the affidavit is made through notary but it should have be taken through a gazetted officer, but after requesting he accepted it saying that if his officer accepts it he don’t have any problem.
    I still havent got my kids birth certificates yet. I really dont know if i could really get it with out paying any bribe. I have made 10 trips to public utility building to just understand the whole process and submit the documents. This is just a sample of our govt system. Hope even you may have to go through this when you go for a change request.
    So before you go there Please be ready with these documents for name change or any addition.
    1. An affidavit attested by a gazzetted officer ( if the person for whom the change is requested is above 18 years, the affidavit has to be declared by him)
    The affidavit should also contain a photograph of the person for whom the change is requested.
    2. A letter from hospital where the kid is born mentioning the new name.
    3. ID proof ( they have mysterous hatred towards passport proof. so submit the gazetted officer attested copies of Marks card/ Marriage certificate/ Voter ID)
    4. A letter from the peron who is requesting for change.
    5. Old Birth certificates.

    • Hi Vinod,
      Very well said. You have actually correctly described the slogan carved at the front of Vidhana Soudha.

      I have spent Rs.500 so far for my daughter’s birth certificate and I really really feel short of some words in my dictionary which I can prefix for these God’s workers (sorry, Gods themselves).

      Mercury in my thermometer blew off when I saw a hand-written birth certificate. WTF? Even “Veera Sahasra Buddhe” from 3 idiots could have written it more legibly with a pen held in his left foot. This certificate opens all possibilities for spelling mistakes in my daughter’s name.

      And the final trumpet: No signature of the issuing authority on the certificate. Fought for 4 hours, but in vain.

      I saw the latest birth certificates; they are very thin laser prints and the ink will vanish in a couple of years. I love the standardization this state follows with their LIFELONG important documents. Wow! Kudos to the State of Karnataka and its Gods!

  40. Hey there,
    If my child was born in Indore(M.P.), is it possible for me to apply for his birth certificate now in bangalore?

    He is now one year old, i think we will have to get affidavit done is it?

  41. For babies delivered in Manipal Hospital, the place for requesting and collecting the birth certificate has now been shifted from BBMP’s Domlur office to the following address:

    BBMP Office
    BDA Park
    Kasturi Nagar 2nd Main
    Close to NGEF Factory
    Contact#: 9741231423

    I applied for the birth certificate of my baby and collected it after just 2 days. Had no hassles at all.

  42. Ashish,

    You can reach Kasturi Nagar from Old Madras Road. If you are coming from IndiraNagar or even from Old Airport Road, reach Old Madras Road first and take the first left immediately after the railway line. You can then ask for directions to 2nd Main. The BBMP office is located in BDA park in 2nd Main.


    • Hi Prashanth,
      My baby is born on May 29th 2010 in Manipal hospital. Can I collect the Birth certificate from the address you gave ? Is it OK to collect it now ?( after 5 months) or I need to go to utility building ?

      Thanks and regards,
      Sai Krishna

  43. Where i need to apply for my child Birth certificate..
    she born in Rangadore Memorial Hospital..Shakarpuram, Basavanagudi.Bangalore

  44. I was blessed with a son in 1998 at Bangaloreand got the birth certificate in time. Now I have shifted to Chandigarh aof want to shift registration shifted to this place. Also the name of child’S MOTHER is changed. Please tell of the procedure for both work

  45. Hello All,
    For your information, my son was born in Aug 2009 at manipal hospital and I filled a form in the hospital and they send it to the Domlur B&D registrar office (now in kasthuri nagar, near Banaswadi) got registered initially without name and collected the birth certificate after 15 days.
    So guys don’t be in a hurry if you have not selected the baby name before the registration. You can register without baby name too.
    Today I visited the BMP office in Utility building, MG Road and filled in 2 forms with the parents name, address, and registration number and paid 140 rupees (for 5 copies) and received an acknowledgement to collect the certificate on 5th Jan 2010.
    So people don’t depend on any agent for this work as it’s very simple.

  46. I have my son’s bith certificate without inclusion of his name. Now I want to include(after 15 years -his date of birth is 24th feb 1995).
    a. can somebody tell how I should go about(looks like I have to go to utility building, MG road, bangalore)
    b. what are the doc.s I have to carry to include my son’s name in the birth certificate
    c. Is the name inclusion mandatory for applying passport

    • I have the same problem,no name in Birth certificate. Would be nice to get some pointers on the process to include my name.
      @Selvin I got my Passport not so long ago with the BC I had, although I also had a tenth marks card so not sure it applies to your son.

  47. My daughter was born in June 1st 2010 at K.R.hospital hanumanth Nagar,Banashankari 3rd Stg.I got the birth certificate from the hospital. Now i want to include her name in the certificate and also want more copies of teh birth certificate. Pls help me how do i go about it.

    • very informative blog on birth certificate.
      Few things to keep in mind will help u in the long run.
      We need to be careful regarding the details given at the time of birth.

      while discharging from the hospital collect the letter from the hospital regarding the birth.

      please please apply for the certificate within 21 days of birth as the documents will be in the respective corporation office of the area of the hospital.

      Make sure u have decided the name in the mean time for registration.

      then with letter from the hospital go the office pay Rs 110 and collect 4 copies of certificate 2-3 days after application based on the office.

      Suggest u give them a box of sweets rather than some money if u r happy.
      Either ways they will give u the certificate.

      later if u require more copies about 15 days later go to the nearest Bangalore center and apply by showing them the certificate u have and pay for the same.
      Again dont bother to bribe them.

  48. Hi,
    Our daugher was born in Manipal Hospital. The “place of birth” information in the birth certificate I collected says “Manipal HS”. I was expecting that it would say “Bangalore”. Did anyone else face the same issue? If your child was born in Manipal Hospital, what did the “place of birth” in the BBMP issued birth certificate? Thanks.

  49. First of all thank you for the informative blog and comments… all of them helped me to get an insight into the birth certificate process…

    I would like to share my story -
    “Our daughter was born in The Cradle hospital, Jayanagar on Feb 8 2011. As usual hospital got the BBMP’s birth certificate form filled up from me before the check out in which I had not included name of our daughter. Till now I have not yet received the birth certificate without name as it usually takes around a month.

    But I went to the concerned BBMP’s MOH office (it is in Padmanabhanagar, opposite SSM public school) at around 12.30pm on Mar 5, 2011 and got the name included into birth certificate in just 10 minutes. The officer was very supportive and professional. She did not even ask for money (bribe). Btw I got 5 copies of certificate and fees was 200 Rs.”

  50. The process is very smooth. Our son was born in Apollo , I went to bomanhalli CMC office after 25 days and got the certificate without paying any bribe.

  51. Hi friends,

    I am from Kerala, and my daughter who is nearing 11 years now was born in Bangalore and we have her birth certificate with no name included.

    What are the documents to be carried when visiting Bangalore and which is the right office to visit?

    She was born in 1999 at St.Philomenas hospital,Bangalore.

    Can some body please help me with the phone nos. of Citizen service centre at Utility building,Bangalore.

  52. Well, we went to the Kasturi Nagar office and dealt with a very slimy character there called Muniraju. He asked for 300 for 5 copies, I gave him 200 saying 110 was for the official charges and the rest for him. In return, he gave us 5 copies with both the baby’s name and mine misspelled. He even typed in the wrong gender!

    Will post a follow-up post on whether he begged for more money to change the mistake he committed.

    Heed my advice – Go to Bangalore One instead. One can register births and deaths there as well and avoid these cheap bribe-seeking mongrels (who incidentally work only from 11 to 1 each day).

  53. Hi,
    I was born and bred in Mauritius. My father was born in Bangalore in 1928 and he had taken up Mauritian nationality in 1952. I am trying to get a birth record or extract of his birth certificate for establishing myself as a Overseas Citizen of India. Can anybody help in explaining how do I go about it especially it is a very very long time since my father’s birth?


  54. sir, i am mani belongs to tamilnadu. my wife stays at bangalore and she gave a birth in bangalore itself. Now i got certificate for my son in bangalore without mentioning my son name.
    now i need a birthcertificate for my son with name. what is the process to get it? from where i can it it? Is it acceptable in tamilnadu? please inform me to my mail address ms_244@rediffmail.com

  55. dear all,

    thank you for taking time in writing ur experiences .
    i dont know,i may sound little irresponsible,but i need help.
    My daughter was born in 2005 in bangalore and i did get her birth certificate on time.
    but in 2010 i travelled to u.k alone with my 2 kids for the first time handling all the odd challenges as my younger one suddenly fell sick while travelling and in the whole chaos lost the bag in which i had kept all the important documents at the airport.which also included the original birth certificates.now i live in u.k,but planning to visit bangalore this october,can i get a duplicate of the original.has somebody (god forbid) has something similar experience to share with me.Any information regarding this is appreciated.
    Many thanks!

    • As far as I know, there is no duplicate Birth Certificate concept. Each and every copy is original one.
      Did you lose all copies of the Birth Ceritificates? Minimum 2 copies will be issued by BBMP.
      We can apply for more copies whenever we need* by paying the applicable fee. Hence, you can just visit the BBMP office or Bangalore One centre and apply for more copies citing some need if asked. I dont think you need to tell them if it is lost or not.

  56. Dear Prashanth n Rahul,

    Thank yo for the information provided.
    I had 2 copies of the birth certificates(original) and yes ,i do have the discharge summary which was given by the hospital.
    I was’nt aware that BBMP and Bangalore one centres are into issuing birth certificates too.
    Anyways,i shall write my experience after i visit bangalore and will u keep u updated.
    Thanks again!

  57. Amit and the rest (in comments section) – Thanks guys! The information here was detailed! I could successfully get my daughter’s birth certificate within 15 minutes on the same day as I submitted my application.
    I did pay the chap 100/- bucks from my side “happily”. :-)
    I had to go to BBMP Corporation Office, Kasturi Nagar. Reached at around 2:00pm and was out by 2:15pm with 4 copies in my hand :-)
    There was no trouble despite me being a non-kannadiga.

  58. Today I have got my daughters Birth certificate from Madivala Citizen Service Center (CSC) in less than 10mins. The officers were very kind and had patience to answer all my queries. Infact they have offered me tea. :)
    Prior to visiting the center I have called them over the phone and they have verified all details on the call like kid’s parent’s name, hospital name, dateofbirth etc. As the verification is through they have mentioned that I can come down to CSC and collect BirthCertificate.

  59. CSC MADIWALA contact info
    BMP Ward Office, Madiwala, Hosur Road, Bangalore.
    Ph No: 22975526, 22975527

    This building is near to madiwala temple next to the park if you come via silkboard.

    • Thanks GRK, can you pls help with 1 more info…. my son was born in April, 2010 and now after 1 & half years will Madiwala centre be able to provide help in getting the birth certificate or there is any other center where I have to go . My son was born in Agadi hospital.

  60. Regarding the MoH in Padmanabhanagar, the lady was very nice but, she could only update records of current calendar year. For everything else, the head office has been shifted to Majestic – Near Upparpet Police Station (instead of Public Utility Building).

  61. HI,I registered my daughters birtth with name Rutuja.My daughter is 2.5 yr old now!But i want to change on birth certificate to Nishita.Where and how to do it? what is procedure?

  62. hi sir, my daughter is 20 months old and was delivered in rao’s maternity hospital basaveshwarnagar
    bangalore,till now i have not got her bitrh certificate,can u plse help me .know how to get it

  63. Hi… My baby born in home only. I don’t know where to register my baby’s birth. Can anybody help me out? I’m residing in mysore road.

  64. @Raghavendra : Birth can be registered at Magadi road corporation office. Meet Sunanda !

  65. where in magadi road exactly, can you give some landmarks and pre-requisites. i need to get my son’s name updated in birth certificate, so a new birth certificate is required.

  66. I visited Kasturi nagar BBMP office today n they suggested me to have child name before getting BC.He said till last day of calendar year (31st December) we can get BC there is no hard n fast rule of getting it within 1 month after birth ( due to which I visited them in hurry) .. so one can plan accordingly, I find him helping !

  67. my birth date in birth certificate and SSLC were different , now how can change the birth date in birth certificate????
    im 21 year old and birth date in birth certificat is 22-07-1991 and in SSLC
    plz reply as soon as possible …….

  68. i am taking a deep breath and plunging into the process of Birth certificate application for my little girl — now all of 2.5 years old ! yes, very late , i know, i know… Thank you very much for all above information, will update on my experiences … amen …

  69. my name is vinod kumar k.v and my father name is veeranna k and my mother name is leelavathi .my date of birth is 28/03/1993 but in my birth certificate my parents name is chanaveeranna and lakshmi…… how can i change these name….i want to apply for passport

  70. Hi all…please help me to get my birth certficate
    this is ashok, i’m 24 years old,i was born in KC GENERAL(MALLESHWARAM), my birth date was not registered, i wamt my birth certificate to apply for passport, i started the process to get my birth certificate a month before, but i’ve not yet got it.

    i’m bit afraid now that i can get my birth certificate or not.

    so please tell me the process to apply for birth certificate. ( remember my birth date was not registered).

    thanks in advance

  71. Anyone has registered their baby’s birth at the BBMP Malleshwaram office? My daughter was born on 28 Nov 2012 at Columbia Asia Yeshwanthpur hospital and I have filled in the form to be submitted to BBMP there. Should I have gone within 1 month? Direction of the office and any experience there would be welcome.

  72. my daughter was born in October 12 at Bangalore hospital’s RV Road, Bangalore 560004. Please tell me still I have time to apply at bbmp office on JCroad.? OR do l need to go to public utility Blding at MG road.? Rashmi

  73. Can anyone please tell the BBMP Ward office address under which Vydehi hospital falls? I couldn’t locate the office of BBMP, so that i could get the birth certificate of my son. Thanks, Raghu Ram

  74. Kasturi nagar office is shifted to ulsoor (next to marriage registration office, opp ulsoor lake).

  75. Hi my daughter is 5 year old …she was born in manipal hospital in nov. 2008 …hospital had given me the birthcerticae nd registred form but due to some circumstances i could nt apply for her birthcertificate…so i wanted to know is there any process through which i can get her registred birthcerticate as soon as possibl

  76. Hi,

    I have got my daughter birth certificate from nearest BBMP office to the hospital. since it was received with 15days after her birth, her name is blank in the certificate. Now, she is more than a year old. By reading the blog, I got to know that her name on the birth certificate need to be applied at Utility building office M.G.Road.

    Can somebody tell me what all document should i carry for applying the birth certificate.??
    Also, should I carry original copies along with the photo copies of the documents??

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